Redesign of Sports Online Store Sport Discount

Denis Matviyetc

Редизайн интернет магазина Sport Discount

Sport Discount is a large online store of sporting goods from world brands. We presented the first store design to the client in 2017. Since then, the business has grown significantly, and the website's functionality had to be scaled for new sales volumes and development strategy.

For optimization, the client and I chose an ESR approach to redesigning an online store and presented a modern and working resource.

view of the checkout page in the online store before and after redesign

For four years of operation, the website has been developing very dynamically in functionality and assortment. Still, most often, the corresponding changes in the interface were implemented in a hurry upon request and were not always balanced. Over time, all these changes began to transform the visual concept significantly: different indents, new fonts, and their sizes appeared.


  • Business scaling

Since its launch, the online store has extended its assortment, concluded agreements with major brands, and set a goal to develop the platform as a marketplace.

  • Demand for mobile version

By 2020, the number of mobile users has increased significantly compared to 2017. Nowadays, almost 76% of website users make orders via mobile devices, so effective optimization of the resource is necessary.

  • Appearing of new user behavior patterns

If earlier the most informative interfaces were quite popular, now they are replaced by minimalism. Users don't want to read a ton of information; they shop more intuitively. They don't like it when they are distracted by some portal blocks and want to make their purchases as quickly as possible.

  • Analysis of existing interaction with the website

To competently optimize the website and consider the maximum number of user needs, we conducted a usability audit and analyzed heat maps using the Yandex Webvisor and Plerdy services, as well as the ways of interacting with the website by Google Analytics.

Main page


  • Desktop 

By analyzing the website using the Yandex webviewer and Plerdy, we realized how users interact with our website: where they click, what they focus on, how much time they spend on the pages, and what the final depth of the scroll is. It allowed us to adjust the interface to user behavior algorithms and make the website maximally convenient.

As a result of the analysis, we saw that customers did not click on most of the buttons on the website header. Therefore, we optimized this part by removing the additional links in the website footer and reduced the height of the header and slider, which allowed us to show users a block with brands on the very first screen. It helps tell more about the store and the assortment immediately.




We have also increased the number of product sliders for quick access by search robots and users.






We reduced the footer height and removed duplicate links, retaining only the information that users need most.



website design before redesign



footer redesign e-commerce sport discount


  • Mobile version

We added the wish-list and personal account icons to the quick access panel.

We changed the burger menu design: we ordered and updated it according to the general visual concept and placed all the information on the single screen.


Product Card

  • Desktop

We structured the information on the page for easy perception and fixed a block with a price and a “buy” button. Now, even when the user scrolls down, he can click the “buy” button without returning to the top of the page.


old sporting goods online store product card design



online store product card design after redesign


  • Mobile version

The product card in the mobile version has become more structured and not crowded with large information blocks. When scrolling down, the “buy in one click” button is fixed on the screen and allows the user not to return to the beginning to make an order.

Before / After

старый дизайн карточки товара интернет магазина спортивных товаров дизайн картчоки товара интернет магазина после редизайна



We updated the page design considering the overall visual concept and placed information more unobtrusively.


дизайн страницы корзины до редизайна



дизайн страницы корзины после редизайна



We moved the block to a separate page, so the user won’t be distracted from completing the purchase at this stage.

We divided the information into semantic blocks and reinforced them with visual accents.

We added a block for registered users. Now they should not re-enter information about themselves, and order becomes faster.

We implemented the concept based on real data and the conducted audit. As a result of the redesign, the user received an updated work resource that considers the clients' behavior and needs and looks modern and stylish.






старый дизайн картчоки товара интернет магазина спортивных товаров дизайн картчоки товара интернет магазина после редизайна



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